Spirit Babies in Charlottesville, Virginia on 9/27/15

The next Spirit Babies event will take place on Sunday September 27th in Charlottesville, Virginia from 4pm-6pm. Please see the flier below and email Sara Zia at for details. (If you’d like to read about the first one they did last year, please see “Remembering; villagecircle_spiritbabiesForgiving”.)

Spirit Babies at Pantheacon February 15th, 2015  at 7pm:

The next Spirit Babies ceremony will be in the Circle of Cerridwen Suite at Pantheacon on Sunday February 15th at 7pm. Pantheacon is held at the DoubleTree Hotel in San Jose (near the San Jose airport). The Circle of Cerridwen Suite is in room 966, and it requires getting a $20 evening convention membership in order to attend. If you would like to attend, but cannot afford to get a convention membership, please email


Spirit Babies Ceremony on 12/20/14 in Oakland, CA:


City of Refuge Church

8400 Enterprise Way

Hosted by Between the Worlds Church and City of Refuge

Spirit Babies Ceremony on 9/23/14 in Charlottesville, VA:

SB Charlottesville

Pantheacon in San Jose on Valentine’s Day, 2014:


Candles from 2012 ceremony

Candles from 2012 ceremony

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