Inspiration for Spirit Babies


This event was created by a circle of people whose lives have been touched by pregnancy loss.  We are doulas, healers, acupuncturists, ministers, priestesses and therapists.  Some of us have children, others do not.  All of us have witnessed the impact of pregnancy loss on our own lives, and those of people we love.  Through this event we are creating an opening, a safe place for remembering, healing and honoring.  A place to come together in community, to support one another, and to share and listen to our stories.

We are inspired by the Mizuko Kuyo ceremonies in Japan.

There is a whole culture of temples and ritual built around the mizuko, ‘water babies,’ who were lost before birth. The temples are a place for women to go to grieve, to pray for the spirits of their unborn, to sooth and bless them. Up til now, there has been little like this in the US. Women experiencing these losses have mostly been alone and isolated. There is a stigma around pregnancy loss, no matter what the cause, and little opportunity to share stories, to give and receive support and healing. We hope that this upcoming event is the first of many in the Bay Area and beyond to share this sacred healing with those in need. Please contact us at


Denise Cicuto